From putting on our own events to helping individuals blossom in the entertainment industry, we are heavy supporters and believers in the entertainment industry. 

Efficient & Effective Websites

Whether you are looking to get a new website design for your business or whether you are looking to give your old site or logo a touch up or a brand new look, we are here to accommodate you with your needs.

Arts & Performing

Plunge into a culture as deep as the ocean which frames us. A culture characterized by Art, music, dance and Broadway shows. Become a historic part of the arts heritage.

Business Start-Ups

Acalon Inc creates unique identities that foster recognition and inspire loyalty. From writing a business plan to choosing a corporate structure to raising money, starting a business is full of daunting challenges. Here's how to get started. 

Film & Video Production

Acalon Inc. believes that the process of producing a film or video is a collaborative effort among a team of highly creative individuals.

Promotions & Marketing

Acalon Inc. Promotions & Marketing enables people all over the world to plan, promote, and sell out any event. Our marketing and promotion service make it easy to garner success for any event, or new business venture. Promote and market your event locally or nationwide, send invitations, collect online